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Friday, January 20, 2006

Link Architecture Critical To Organic SEO Success !

Just got off the phone with a senior engineer at Google. The conversation turned from the feds hanging out in Google's lobby today unsuccessfully requesting the last two weeks of Google keyword search data, over to linking and redirects on websites.

It was confirmed that recent algorithmic updates have been installed that reduce the value of incoming links and decrease third party link casting scores. Too many sneaky redirects were reducing the relevancy of Google's organic results.

Instead a renewed focus of the googlebot spiders is link navigation. As so many websites have moved to sticky include files, especially many large dynamically generated, database sites that are using links housed in javascript and flash, despite the fact that the googlebot spiders often times cannot follow such links.

Creating a secondary navigation is a step in the right direction, however these new secondary navigation links are just that, secondary, and as such, typically cannot make enough of an impact to offset or compensate for the poorly designed and less than search engine friendly dynamic link navigation being used for the primary links of the website.

Why should a search engine spider favor or trust sites that utilize dynamic link navigations?, especially if the site combines one bad design idea with another and also uses urls that feature dynamic query strings. This deadly dynamic combination of javascript/flash link navigations used on "character-heavy, spider-choking query string urls" typically leaves a site invisible to new in-market users using search engines, found by no keyword searchers, and floating around aimlessley in the invisible 'dark web'.

How can a google spider be expected to "trust" sites with dynamic link navigations or redirect links, to actually serve users relevant content, or even render properly in all browsers, on pdas, wireless web enabled cell phones, or in alternative web browsers specifically designed for people with disabilities, etc.?

Google encourages sites with problematic dynamic link navigation schemes to create a google sitemap url and also an xml feed providing a text url driectory or text based crawler roadmap for the spiders. This is a step in the right direction but even these spider sitemaps cannot compensate for the critical site design flaw of housing primary link navigations in javascript and flash.

The spiders are programmed to index and crawl rendered pages and engage their semantic text matching capabilities on the 'true' rendered pages of sites, not specialty text based spider site maps that only list url names and feature zero relevant page content.

In other words, why sacrifice the keyword ranking capabilities of your best pages by linking to them using links that are embedded in javascript or flash?

When the powers that be at your company begin knocking on your cube walls and tapping on your shoulders at the water cooler, moaning over their inability to find their company site on google searches of the company name and exclusive product/brand names, try explaining why javascript and flash based links are being used in the primary link navigation and how pretty they are.

Do you think upper management will understand why the site is not being found on searches for the company by name ?

I suggest touching up the resume and ensuring your COBRA plan elgibility before starting this discussion. Is it fair to conclude that search engine visibility far outweighs design should as without search engine exposure no one will ever see the company picasso.

Consider that 90% of all first time website visitors are delivered to sites for the first time by a major search engine.

Link Architecture and W3C Code Vaildation Are Absolutely Critical To Organic SEO Success !


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

MAC Software Developers Upset Over New Intel Partnership.

Our senior level software developer contacts at Apple are telling us that they are not happy about incorporating Intel processors into their new products.

They have a major concern that new Windows emulators will allow Windows programs to run on Macs, therfore eliminating the need for MAC only programmers and Mac only software developers.

Mac only developers feel the new Intel partnership could drive them into the unemployment lines.

New MAC Hacks are only weeks away.

Hackers are already working fast and furious to crack the new Intel/Mac products.

What hacker will become the king of the underground by being the first to hack the MAC Operating System.

Antivirus Software manufacturers like Kaspersky and Symantec are testing new programs designed to ward off MAC OS virus hacks.

How long before the MAC Operating System is able to run on Dell, HP, Toshiba and other popular computer line?

MAC software developers are touching up their resumes and contacting Union Stewards as the MAC OS enters the mainstream.
Google Earth released for Mac Users.

GOOGLE rolled out a new BETA version of the Google Earth SATELLITE MAPPING PROGRAM for Mac users with OS X 10.4. The beta version is the first Mac-compatible Google Earth program.

Google officially launched Google Earth for Personal Computers in June of 2005.

Google Earth was created to help Google compete for market share with the leading TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS program in the world.

On a related Mac Users note --

Intel Chips will now power iMac Desktops and McBook Laptops.

Apple computer moves to Intel micro-processors in their new Apple personal computer line. Intel's Core Duo processors will power the iMac desktops and all new MacBook Pro Laptop.

Intel the world's largest semiconductor company is proud to finally be working with Apple and is set to release the fastest chips ever exclusively in Mac products.

Apple and Intel a great partnership is born !

When will Apple address Quickbooks compatibility issues by partnering with Intuit?



Browser Compliance and W3C HTML code validation becomes are destined to become even bigger organic search engine optimization factors in the months ahead.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Yahoo and Microsoft Strengthen Ties.

New Joint Yahoo Go Mobile Messaging Program Introduced.

New Deal signals partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft on the horizon as the companies band together to fight for more of Google's Market Share.

Peak Positions has been reporting that a Yahoo/Microsoft Merger is on the horizon and this latest Yahoo Go Mobile Program confirms that Yahoo's Terry Semel and Wenda Millard are working closely with Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates and all are determined to join forces in the war against Google.

Yahoo continues to slide away from their nearby Silicon Valley Gold mines and instead move far up north on the left coast towards the enticing liquid cash reserves found only in Redmond as YHOO and MSN bid to broaden reach and secure market share gains.

Here's the newest deal between Microsoft and Yahoo.

Yahoo has launched Yahoo! Go, a new mobile service that allows consumers to connect to all of their Yahoo! Internet-based services through multiple devices connecting anywhere, anytime. The new Yahoo! Go brand includes the Yahoo! Go Desktop, Yahoo! Go Mobile, and Yahoo! Go TV applications. The service will distribute consumers' Yahoo! content photos, e-mail, and address books no matter what device consumers are using, as long as it is connected to the Internet.

The Yahoo! Go Desktop application is designed to link wireless phone and TV services to PCs. The Yahoo! Go Mobile applications will be installed on select Nokia and Motorola wireless handsets starting this spring. Yahoo! is partnering with AT&T, Cingular Wireless, Go Mobile, and Microsoft.

Yahoo! Go TV will allow consumers to link their Yahoo! contact lists directly via their TVs, view digital photos, and check news, sports, Yahoo search, bundled Microsoft software choices, and other Yahoo! services from the same account they use on their PC or mobile phone.

Yahoo!'s launched the service at the January 2006 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show using Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Cruise to help promote the new Yahoo! Go Service.

Both Yahoo! and Microsoft confirmed they have been meeting regularly developing a new suite of Web-based software services, applications, and keyword search advancements.

Keyword Search The Driving Force of a New Yahoo/Microsoft Merger.

Both Yahoo and Microsoft are pledging their commitment to keyword search and each other in their determination to fight the wall street dolls at Google with a new software engineering, web content and exclusive keyword search capability platform.

Yahoo and Microsoft have also been working the phones and hallways of bleeding edge technology players worldwide lining up talented partners to help create many new joint platforms. Both companies seek to extend their reach far beyond the desktop and move further into new virtual mobility applications.

Both companies have also stressed internally to their respective engineering teams that they re-focus attention on organic keyword search results seeking to increase results page delivery times, and database scraping capabilities while increasing the overall size and depth of their organic keyword search databases and in turn hopefully acquire more share of the lucrative keyword search marketplace.

Algorithm and Robot Crawler advancements at Yahoo and MSN are focused on dynamic urls and valuable content pieces housed in restricitve areas of corporate sites, news media portals, educational and military databases.

Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google all feel that much of the internet's most valuable content lies buried deep in "The Dark Web" and as of yet remains uncovered within dynamic databases and they are hell bent to increase robot crawling technologies allowing their spiders to index and crawl dynamic database-driven websites much deeper.

IT managers and webmasters worldwide are being encouraged by the search engines to provide absolute text-based link paths, text-based url directories, and RSS feed maps that include URL address lists and direct link paths to their best content pieces, scientific studies, research documents, schematics, white papers, and more.

Microsoft and Yahoo will be working much more closely in 2006 as both companies seek to improve their robot crawling and autonomous indexing capabilities in order to increase the content relevance of their old, tired, and "slow-shuffle" results page decks in order to further combat Google's "fast and open" results pages that both MSN and Yahoo executives have only recently, publicly slammed as: "The keyword-heavy and content-light Google results".

Both Microsoft and Yahoo executives have used recent trade show keynote addresses to call Google out and have even had the nerve to label Google keyword search results pages as: "often times irrelevant".

What gives? Yahoo and MSN continue to speak out of both sides of their corporate mouthpieces. Both companies can only skirt the truth and make excuses to the Wall Street Investment community and their own company boards why their top ranking senior managment executives, that are still in the positions of power at both companies have yet to issue any solid answers as to why they under-estimated the value of keyword search, took their focus off of keyword search only to reluctantly admit some four years later and after losing millions in new search revenues (and hundreds of their most talented programmers & engineers) that maybe keyword search is an important application deserving of their collective attentions.

To date, both Microsoft and Yahoo have shown little of the deep understanding and commitment to keyword search that Google has.

Why is GOOG trading at $400 a share and projected to reach $500 a share in next six months? Google is being rewarded for their long-term commitment, understanding and delivery of Keyword Search ...the saving application of the Internet Industry.

Keep in mind that keyword search is the highly addictive habit designed to create the world's Largest Free Library that in turn delivers control, influence, huge revenues, and ultimately the leverage that Google needs to roll out their all powerful plan to secure browser dominance and control of internet user sessions from start to finish.

Just how will Wall Street traders react though, when the Browser wars between Google and Microsoft become reality and erupt worldwide the day Google finally launches their new GBrowser to the public?

Who is fueling these recent acknowledgments by top Yahoo and Microsoft executives as to the influence, reach, and power that keyword search provides?

What bonds tradesman or PR agency is behind all of these highly staged and public discussions by the Yahoo and Microsoft executive teams centered on their deep understanding of the emerging issues driving the keyword search landscape?

Are these highly staged keyword search publicity stunts board-driven? share price driven? or revenue driven?

Has Yahoo's Terry Semel and Wenda Millard or Micorsoft's Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates finally succumbed to the reality that the user popularity of keyword search quite possibly saved the Internet and represents the core and future of our medium?.

Internet users love to search, view keyword search as their favorite online activity, are conducting multiple keyword searches daily, favor the organic search results 7 to 1 versus the sponsored links, and 70% of all organic search results being delivered to them are powered by Google, not Microsoft or Yahoo.

What are MSN's and Yahoo's joint plans to stem the user dominance tides of Google?

Let's hope that Yahoo and Microsoft have more in store on their search horizons than simply merging their two sub-par Google search alternatives.


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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Google Denies Desktop Computer Launch

Google spokespeople are working hard to stem the tide of rumors and speculation following an LA Times news story earlier this week reporting that Google is manufacturing low-cost personal computers and is set to offer them for sale at Wal-Mart stores in the coming weeks.

Google PR staffers have released this statement "We have many PC partners who serve their markets exceedingly well and we see no need to enter that market, we would rather partner with great companies".

Some industry execs feel Google is about to announce new developments with Google Video versus the Goggle Personal Computer Line.

Very few marketing firms seem to be making the connection of the launch of the G-Browser or as many Google staffers have dubbed it "The Gangsta Browser".

The new $200 dollar entry computer line is a minor element, the real magnitude of Google launching a new personal computer line is the Gangsta Browser that it runs on.

Make no mistake at some point in the very near future Google intends to take internet browsing away from Microsoft with the new GBrowser.

Keep in mind that the co-founders of Mozilla are both Google employees and their focus has not swayed from Internet Browsing.

Keyword Search is the second most popular activity on the Internet.

Google Organic Search Results are the most in-demand pages on the Internet.

GMail provides Google with a small piece of the email retreival the most popular internet activity.

Now imagine the user share (and ad-serving capabilities) that browser dominanace provides.

The GBrowser allows Google to serve more ads without sacrificing the integrity of their coveted organic search results pages. The GBrowser also allows Google to control and influence users from start to finish for their entire Internet experience.

The real Internet war - The war for Browser Dominance has yet to begin.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google to introduce a New Personal Computer?

Google Could Launch Version 1 of The New G-Browser and a new line of low price Google desktop computers in exclusive deal with Wal Mart.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Google is in whispered negotiations with Wal-Mart to sell a new, low-price Google PC.

According to the Times, the Internet-connected device would run an OS created by Google (Meet the New Google G-Browser), not Microsoft's Windows, and would be priced as low as $200. The new Google Operating System is most likely a Google-flavored version of Linux mixed with love from Mozilla.

Industry sources are theorizing that Google Co-Founder and President of Products Larry Page will use his Consumer Electrnoics Show keynote address in Las Vegas in of 2006 to launch the new Google Computer and launch the G-Browser.

Google could use their new low-ball personal computer to prep services including their Sun Microsystems StarOffice productivity suite (SUNW looks like a buy).

Peak Positions SEO a Traverse City, Michigan firm would like to gently remind everyone of the Michigan connection between Google, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and the driving forces of technology. As the war for technology leadership has its deepest roots in the state of Michigan.

Google co-founder Larry Page was born and raised in Ann Arbor and his father, still a University of Michigan professor in Ann Arbor, has known Scott McNeeley CEO of Sun Microsystems a Birmingham, Michigan native and his long competitve battle with Steve Ballmer, President and CEO of Microsoft also a Birmingham Michigan native since childhood.

It all started at a high school debate over the future of technology in Brimingham Michigan at Detroit Country Day School. Scott McNeeley, Steve Ballmer, and Mark Woodward President and CEO of Serena Software, all walking the halls with Mork & Mindy (comedians Robin Williams and Pam Dawber) at Birmingham Detroit County Day High School in the mid 70's, and all debating on conflicting views of the technological evolution that began with early research on packet switching and the ARPANET (and related BBS (Bulletin Board System) communication technologies that has since evolved into today's internet. Read more on the history of the internet here...

Birmingham Detroit Country Day High School is the college prep rival of Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett School of which Peak Positions VP Jack Roberts is a graduate. As organic search engine optimization, spiders, and algorithms all have deep roots here in the state of Michigan.

If a Google branded personal computer does surface at Wal Mart, either the Google/Sun StarOffice or the open-source OpenOffice suite will launch with it.

Wal-Mart a most interesting choice of open source partners indeed!!!

Google the undisputed kings of New Media and the "open environment" who sometimes slammed Micorsoft and much of the corporate world for the last 7 years over user control issues, later turns to Wal Mart for their first dekstop distribution partnership?

Hello G-Browser ... how will Microsoft react?

This makes the recently rumored Microsoft and Yahoo partnership/merger even more intriguing.

Stay Tuned...let us reach some Google contacts and see if a link can be provided to Larry's keynote speech in Las Vegas this Friday.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Pay Per Click Fraud Running Rampant

New search marketing reports confirm that Pay Per Click Fraud is running rampant with no end in sight. One SEM study released last week finds that in high-profile keyword categories click-fraud now accounts for as much as 40% of all fees involved.

Many sponsors are returning from their holiday break only to find taht their PPC budgets are exhausted. Keyword Conversions are declining and the funds required to prop up their un-optimized websites on related keywords are sky-rocketing.

"We just blew through our quarterly budget last week and the quality leads are all from organic results" reports one tier one B2B AdWords/Overture sponsor.

"Most of the sponsored clicks are suspect."

"These PPC clicks seem staged."

"Our SEM company has no explanations".

We received more than a handful of these phone calls already today, from frustrated interactive marketing directors opening their December SEM invoices and gasping.

If you suspect fraudulent pay per click activity or feel your site was targeted go to your website server logs and begin to analyze traffic patterns.

One Florida Keys Realtor has retained an experienced PPC attorney to investigate potential legal action against competing real estate firms that were behind most of the illegal ppc click activity that ate up a significant monthly budget in less than one week.

More on the escalating PPC Click Fraud issues in upcoming posts.