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Friday, August 10, 2007

Google Super Computer.The New Google Supercomputer Center

Google Rolls Out New Linux Data Center
in The Dalles, Oregon

Facility lies on the Columbia River, 80 miles outside Portland.

The New Google Supercomputer near Portland, in The Dalles, Oregon, greatly expands Google's networking powers. The keyword search leader is forging ahead, leaving Microsoft, Yahoo and other competitors further behind.

Google has added thousands of new Linux servers across their enterprise, rolling out new Linux server farms in North Carolina and Virginia in conjunction with the release of the new Google Supercomputer in suburban Portland.

These latest moves by Google have caused wild position swings on Google's keyword results pages, leading some Marketing Directors likening the situation to a "wild roller coaster ride" for the last several weeks.

Third Quarter ‘07 is shaping up as of the most turbulent periods in recent Google history

Google is leading the charge by updating their keyword search results; re-sorting their results pages and lexicon databases, fast and furious, since early July 2007. The search engine leader is determined to become even deeper, by expanding the size of the search databases as fast as possible in efforts that help offset a long-pending merger of their two biggest competitors: Yahoo and MSN.

The stars are aligning and sources at all three companies are reporting that Microsoft intends to either acquire or merge search functions with Yahoo. If MSN and Yahoo are to merge together they acquire nearly 30% of all keyword search activity overnight.

Google's counter move has been to add thousands of new Linux servers across their enterprise; and here in the USA, Google has rolled out new server farms in North Carolina and Virginia, and is ramping up developments for the release of the new Google Supercomputer in Oregon.

The Google supercomputer project, code named "Project 02", is designed to greatly expand Google's network trafficking powers and global network capable of processing billions of search queries per day as well as a growing repertoire of delivering online tickets and other services. The new complex is the size of two football fields with cooling towers four stories high.

Google database re-sorts create huge swings in Google search results pages
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Monday, August 06, 2007

Google Ranking Updates - Leave Many Sites Scrambling

The Recent Google Dance of Late summer 2007, has affected thousands of websites as many sites have experienced a substantial change in their Google keyword rankings. Many high profile websites are singing the blues about Google's most recent algorithm change that has impacted their Google natural keyword positions, exposure, traffic, and conversions.

Some companies have gone so far as to issue hastily written, Google angst-fueled, press releases bemoaning their recent setbacks and losses in Google organic keyword rankings.

Google continually updates their algorithms and refreshes their natural search results in an ongoing effot to improve user experiences. Screaming and ranting in press releases rather that analyzing code, content and links appears to sidestep and skirt core causes of keyword position losses rooted in organic site optimization issues. Why waste time and resources distributing 'sad PR' over temporary seybacks when proven solutions and quality optimization resources are an email and phone call away. If your back is that sore over Google rankings contact this Chiropractic Durham NC specialist.

The latest Google algorithm applies slight adjustments that are rooted in code. Our clients, even those with larger, dynamic database powered strutures are not experiencing any Google keyword ranking losses and are maintaining top keyword positions as their code and content is well optimized, relevant, and synchronized with the algorithms powering Googlebot and the major spiders that power organic keyword search results worldwide.