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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Original Story:

The number of people who created a Twitter account and never used it is significant, according to third-party site Twopcharts that monitors Twitter activity. They report that 44% of Twitter's 982 million accounts have never seen any action - not even a single Tweet.

Even among the 550 million or so accounts that have seen activity a significant number, 43%, haven't seen any activity in more than a year.

Furthermore, less than half (47%) of all accounts have added a profile image and even less, 24%, have added a profile description. Just 30% of all users have created just 1 to 10 Tweets and only 13% of registered users have more than 100 Tweets under their belt.

However, as Twopcharts told the Hindustan Times, the 44% of users than have never sent a Tweet doesn't mean that those accounts are dormant as those users may still be using the social platform to read timelines and stay informed.

Businesses and brands that establish a Twitter presence and fail to maintain it to engage with consumers are playing a 'dangerous game' according to Eptica's Olivier Njamfa commenting on his recent research into customer contact channels.

"This could well backfire, leading to negative feedback spreading through the social network and damaging their overall brand," he said.