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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Yahoo Employees Furious

Story first appeared on USA Today.
The new Yahoo CEO doesn't appear to be the only one speaking out about discrepancies found in his résumé.

After apologizing in a memo to Yahoo employees for the uproar over his official bio -- which contains details of a computer science degree he never earned -- employees have spoken out anonymously to Business Insider. And they are angry.

Among the reactions Business Insider says they received from inside Yahoo:

-- "He cheated and lied his way to his position at PayPal, didn't get caught, got brazen, and decided to swing it to become a CEO of an ailing giant."

-- "Ironic that the day that people are asking for his resignation is the last day of work for many, many of the folks whom he laid off several weeks ago. Wouldn't it be something if he left WITH them?"

On Monday, the CEO apologized in a memo to Yahoo employees, the Associated Press reports, saying he is focused on resurrecting the struggling tech company.

Meanwhile, Yahoo's board is investigating how the bogus claim of a computer science degree appeared on his bio.

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