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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Story first appeared MailOnline.

Google executive, 27, accused of 'sleeping her way to the top' in irate online posts after affair with boss Sergey Brin, 40, was exposed

  •     Amanda Rosenberg named as the new lover of Sergey Brin
  •     The Google co-founder is one of the world's richest men with $22bn fortune
  •     He and wife Anne Wojcicki, both 40, married in 2007 and have two children
  •     Miss Rosenberg went to the same £31,000-a-year school as the Middletons
  •     She is marketing manager for Google's Glass computerised spectacles
  •     The 27-year-old came up with the 'Ok, Glass' command to activate the device
  •     Brin and his wife reportedly have a prenuptial agreement in case of divorce 

The British lover of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, 40, has found herself the target of heavy abuse online after news of her affair with the married multi-billionaire emerged.

Amanda Rosenberg, 27, who attended one of the UK's most exclusive schools with Kate Middleton has been accused of 'sleeping her way to the top' and of destroying Brin's marriage of six years to Anne Wojcicki.

Google has been rocked by talk of the romance, and a spokesman confirmed this weekend that Brin – one of the world’s richest men with a $22 billion fortune - has been living apart from his wife and mother of his two children.

The abuse has been posted to Rosenberg's Google + account, with one individual known as Bill Kowba commenting on a picture, 'Was this photo taken before or after you slept with a married man and destroyed his marriage.?'

Another irate person, under the handle Jan Vries, wrote, 'You are such a soulless person. No morality. Ruining a man's life. Think of his two children...Shame on you.'

However, the abuse was not totally one sided, with others standing up for her.

'Do you have nothing better to do than write nasty comments to this girl?' someone else wrote, under the handle holdengirl02 1.

If they divorce, Californian law suggests their massive fortune would have to be halved – although they reportedly signed a strict pre-nuptial agreement.

While the internet was agog with talk of Brin romancing his much younger employee, the Daily Mail tracked down a distinctly unsurprised former boyfriend of Miss Rosenberg – who said she knew the power of her womanly ways.

Ewan Butler, 28, a trainee teacher living with his parents in Darlington, said: Amanda's a good looking girl, and she knows she is.

'And she's good at "playing" men – she played me.

Brin,s relationship with Rosenberg emerged only yesterday – but the pair were pictured together earlier this year at a New York Fashion Week event, both wearing the controversial Google Glass computerised spectacles for which she is marketing manager.

An employee of Google since she graduated with a communications degree from Leeds University, she initially worked for the internet giant in London before last year moving to San Francisco to work at its Silicon Valley nerve center.

She soon won a role promoting Google Glass, widely criticised as the glasses which enable users to film and broadcast over the internet everything they see non-stop, worrying privacy campaigners.

Miss Rosenberg wrote an online blog soon after she arrived – describing herself as a misanthropic Brit struggling to come to terms with Californian optimism.

She wrote:   I'd been living a beautifully choreographed life in London for pretty much my entire life; family, friends, job, life. Then one day I realized the beauty had faded.

So I applied for a transfer with my company to a different country. Yes! The romance of a transfer!

Luckily for me this all worked out like I dreamed it would...NOT. Of course it didn’t work out like that!

I remember having conversations with people about moving countries, and no one talks about how it felt to be alone.

'I wanted to grab them and scream “Why are you not telling me about how you ate lunch in the toilets at work for the first week because no one talked to you?"